Ramiro Gomez

Portland, Oregon headshot, portraiture and event photography

About me:

If you are like me, then the about page is the one place where my curiosity first leads me. I like to know what the person behind it is all about, and bit of their story, which everyone has, so here is a bit of mine:

I was born in Venezuela to Cuban parents. Moved to the US in 1981 and have had a passion for photography as long as I can remember. I studied animation and have worked in the film industry for over 24 years on films like "Chicken LIttle", "Surf's Up", "Fantastic Beasts", "Logan", etc.

My 13 year old daughter happens to have fallen in love with theater and I have discovered a passion for head-shot, portraiture and theater photography. To my surprise, stepping behind the lens set wheels in motion that became much more than simply pressing a shutter button. The rest is as they say "history". She is definitely my photo muse :)

I am based in Portland, OR and  love the life we have built here, together with my beautiful wife of 18 years, and also my 9 year old son who is full of energy, and very passionate just like his mommy.

I love computers, and technology. Gadgets are definitely my thing.

CONTACT: Email: ramiro01@gmail.com

You can contact me at the email address above to hire, book portrait sessions, for freelance work, or to license an image.

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